Realize the power of ctmDNA research

  • Easily identify disease-specific ctmDNA - Broad genomic screening technology from disease-state tissues coupled with sophisticated machine learning quickly identifies targets of interest

  • Fast targeted ctmDNA assay development – Custom design of targeted ctmDNA assay quickly produces statistically powerful datasets

  • Easy lab implementation – Custom kits for both Illumina and Thermo Fisher Scientific NGS to run in your laboratory takes only 1 day from DNA to sequencer-ready library

ctmDNA is a novel analyte with many possibilities for cancer and other disease states. Contact us today for research collaboration partnership opportunities.

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The Co-Founders of Singlera Genomics

Yuan Gao, CEO and Co-Founder of Singlera Genomics
Yuan Gao Ph.D., Co-Founder and Scientific Advisor
Dr. Kun Zhang Co-Founder Singlera Genomics
Kun Zhang, Ph.D., Co-founder and Scientific Advisor
Johny Zhang MBA
Johny Zhang, M.B.A., Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Rui Liu CTO Singlera Genomics
Rui Liu, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
Qiang Liu MBA
Qiang Liu, M.B.A., Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Jin Li, Vice President of Fudan University; elected member of Chinese Academy of Science
Prof. George Church, Harvard Medical School, elected member of NAS, NAE, AAAS
Prof. Zhou Honghao, Dir of Inst of Pharmacology, Central South Univ.; elected member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Prof. Cheng Liang, Professor of pathology at the Indiana University Medical School
Prof. Kun Zhang, Department of Bioengineering, University of California at San Diego
Prof. Yuan (Gary) Gao, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

Discover The Future

At the leading edge of biology and assay technology, Singlera Genomics uses a new biomarker type called ctmDNA (circulating tumor methylated DNA) to peer into the future.

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