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An Early Mark: Announcing the Singlera Genomics Blog

Singlera Genomics has been established with the most elusive of goals: to detect disease early, through a gene signature that can be as easy as a blood test. Through analysis of circulating methylated DNA markers in the bloodstream rather than specific DNA mutations, the numbers of markers Singlera Genomics is capable of measuring are several orders of magnitude higher than conventional DNA mutation analysis methods where the number of genes analyzed would only be in the dozens.

This blog, An Early Mark, is designed to inform and educate experts and novices alike in the emerging field of epigenetic diagnostics. While intensely studied for the past few decades, even called 'the fifth DNA base', the modification of a cytosine residue in DNA with a single methyl group (-CH3) is an important regulator of gene expression in the cell, and an important biomarker for disease.

An Early Mark will present the fundamentals of DNA methylation and its role in the healthy cells and in disease; will look at several current challenges and difficulties in measuring this 'fifth base' (called 5-methyl Cytosine abbreviated 5mC); will also look at how Singlera's technology for measuring 5mC can powerfully be applied to diseases as devastating as cancer; and will also look at the power of early detection to prevent disease and the dangers of over diagnosis with poor test methodology.

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